August 17, 2008

New Flag

Back from the beautiful land of northern Quebec. Spent most of my time in the Saguenay (Sa-GUH-nay) region and the far away reaches of the province, marked by a stunning fjord by the same name. In my wanderings I discovered their regional flag, which takes a classic Danneborg design but in yellow, green, silver, and red. I was amazed that somewhere so close (two hour flight) can be so terrifically exotic and different. Sad to leave, but back in DC and busy writing for Blackbook.

August 3, 2008

Wild, Wonderful North America

Last week I was out on Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal Zone. Not only did signs warn me of crocodiles, but I saw them; terrifically HUGE crocodiles. Today, I'm flying off to the other end of our fine continent, to the far northern regions of Quebec. Looking forward to cooling off, but also glad to be taking in the breadth of my home continent.