January 27, 2008

Recommended Churches of Paris

Yesterday was my all-day lecture/seminar on Paris. There was a great audience--all very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Alas, in all my preparation I forgot to add my list of recommended churches--some famous, some less. Anyway, le voilà:
  • Sainte-Chapelle, 1st
  • Sacré Coeur (inside!), 18th
  • Church of La Madeleine, 8th
  • Notre Dame de La Lorette, 9th
  • Saint-Sulpice, 6th
  • St Eustache, 1st
  • St. Leu St. Gilles, 3rd
  • St. Merri, 4th
  • Saint-Paul Saint-Louis, rue St. Antoine, 4th
  • St. Eugène and Ste. Cécile, 6 Rue St. Cecile, 9th
  • Saint Severin, 6th
Of all of these, I must confess that the two churches I was most excited to see on this last trip were: St. Leu St. Gilles and Ste. Eugène and Ste. Cécile.

To those of you in attendance, thanks so much for coming and participating!


Loren Lange said...

Really enjoyed your presentation. When you said tomorrow, who would have expected 2:19 AM. You will be glad to know we have airline tickets (May 1 - May 13, 2008) and an aprtment. I will send the two apartment sites I used.

Loren Lange

Robert Molseed said...

Thank you for your very insightful presentation