April 22, 2008

Packing Light

After speaking all day at the Smithsonian about Paris, I just got way too excited and have to go back. Now. So I am, tomorrow. I don't care that one Euro is worth a thousand bucks or that all the airlines are folding or merging. The best part of this trip is that I have NO agenda. Paris without any agenda is pure indulgence and I shall indulge. I'm calling it a business trip without any business, though I'm expecting good cheese and at least one day with sunshine. Otherwise there are no expectations whatsoever. Let there be bread.

Last week in Atlanta I gave a lengthy sermon on the joys of packing light, and so I intend to practice what I preach. This trip to Paris is carry-on only, TSA be damned. I'm basically bringing my tiny gym backpack, minus my terrorist deodorant, shaving cream and toothpaste (see . . . Paris is the perfect destination!). I maintain that you really only need three things when you travel: a passport, a ticket, and a big fat credit card.

C'est tout. Bon Voyage to me.

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William Thirteen said...

have a great time and say hello to notre dame for me!