May 19, 2008

My Book in Polska

The worst kind of mail are bills, followed by junk mail. The best kind of mail is a totally unexpected package and when you open it, you find books. Books that you wrote! But in a different language! The Polish version of "Ukraine" showed up today and my does it look classy. National Geographic did the Polish version, so the layout and photography is top notch and I absolutely love the cover (cool font, huh?) I can't pretend to read Polish, but it's so cognitive with Ukrainian that I can guess my way through it. For all of you authentic Polish-speaking travelers, you can purchase my book by clicking through to National Geographic Poland.

Up next is the Polish version of Iceland, which I am most excited about, given that a huge wave of travelers to Iceland are Poles (go figure). Even the signs in the public library are in Polish. All this after I just submitted an article on the hottest clubs and restaurants in Warsaw. Yes, I'm feeling all things Polish right now. Dzienkuje Bardzo National Geographic!


Natasha said...

whoah... that is cool

Laurence said...

Hi Andrew,

I have just had a similar experience as a copy of my Bradt Serbia guide arrived the other day - in Polish. Does that mean I can finally say that I have worked for National Geographic?
One thing I noticed is that it seems to take longer to say things in Polska than it does in English - the book is quite a bit thicker.
Hopefully, this is a sign that the Poles are travelling more these days, and for reasons other than work.