September 12, 2008

Going to Ukraine (in my mind)

Attended a reception for Ukraine's independence day at the embassy in Georgetown. Two weeks late (August 24th is the official day) and with lots of added tension. Let's just say that if there was elephant in the room (and there was), it was speaking Russian. I went for the Ukrainian music and of course, the varenniki--fabulous potato-filled dumplings. I love embassies in Washington because the minute you step inside, it's like being in that country. So on Wednesday night, for about one hour, I was in Ukraine. Made me miss it really. I truly do wish I was there.

Two days later I attended a fantastic music and image presentation on the Crimean Tatars. Both the researcher and photographer used my book while traveling around Crimea this past summer, so I was flattered. Overall, a really quality project that really captured the essence of the place and the plight of the people. You can check out some of their fantastic pictures here: [Photo Credit: Alison Cartwright].

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Maria Sonevytsky said...

Andrew, it was a real kick to meet you at the Crimean Tatar presentation in Washington - and thanks for the plug! We're currently devising plans for the real exhibition to come (which is looking like it's going to include vintage telephones and large-format pics). Please be in touch, especially if you do end up going to Ukraine (in reality) this year.
Maria Sonevytsky