October 24, 2008

Off to Africa

The best trips are the spontaneous ones. No planning at all--just pick up and go. And like that, I'm off to the Okavango Delta of beautiful Botswana in about . . . well, right now. I think it was all meant to be since I recently met the former president of Botswana, the Travel Channel just released their one hour special on the country AND I live two blocks from the Embassy of Botswana. Lions, warthogs, and lilac-breasted rollers, oh my!

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Robb said...

aaaaH, yeh seng-ee-dah! Ah vah ya-heach-ee-mama! At least I think that is the way the "Lion King" opens, with the rising sun over the African plains. Walk a mile or two on a dusty track for me, would you? I hope you have a marvelous adventure (and don't get malaria) Way to go on your little Lowell, that is absolutely superb.robb.