April 16, 2009

Iceland in Polish

My Iceland book was just released in Polish and showed up on my doorstep looking bright and colorful and fantastic. Thanks to National Geographic for doing a superb job, as always. I don't know if there are as many Poles as there were the last time I was there. Foreign language editions of guidebooks are rarely, if never, dedicated, but if I could include a dedication, it would be shared by the Polish motorcyclist who rode his bike from Gdansk to Hofn, via Sweden, Norway, and the Faroe Islands, along with the geography class of middle-schoolers from Warsaw who took the ship with me from Denmark. Dziekuje!

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Karen 5.0 said...

I spent my birthday last July in Reykjavik and stayed at the Hotel Bjork, where two lovely Polish women were employed. In addition to helping me practice my Polish, they provided helpful tips on things to see and do...that is, things that were not already in your book, Drew, which I had taken with me (in English)! I have no idea if these women are still there - if not, it is to the Hotel Bjork's detriment!