May 22, 2009

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Made it to the middle of India--Modhya Pradesh, and whaddya know, I was riding on the back of an elephant and saw this gorgeous adult male tiger. The video's fuzzy, but the tiger was not.


John and Karisa said...

That's OUTRAGEOUS! Why don't you guys look terrified in the video? You could've been eaten alive! Are tigers afraid of elephants?

We love your world-traveler updates. We're faithful readers! Keep them coming! We're visiting Tara and Evan in Ljubljana (sp?) in August-- we can't wait! You should come!

Christy said...

We saw a couple in Corbett NP. Highlight of the year long trip.

Karen 5.0 said...

Tigers and elephants have a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which basically sets forth the following: "We agree to acknowledge and respect one other, while leaving each other alone."

I was a diplomat in India for two years...sorry for the above acronym, but it is really the best way to describe the relationship!

Karen 5.0 said...
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