September 1, 2009

Running Away

Although it might seem that I'm always on the road, I actually work at home. At my desk or at the kitchen table or sometimes on the couch. Sometimes I get distracted by things like the internet and my hungry pet fish so that it becomes very hard to write serious stuff.

Now that September has swung into center stage, I'm gonna try to be a bit more serious. Which is why I'm disappearing for the next two weeks--from my home, from Washington, DC, and from the internet. Nobody really knows where I am, but it's really beautiful there/here and I'm gonna get tons and tons of good writing done.

Catch ya later-


Debra said...

So, you realize that if you twitter all the way to your secret location we'll be able to find you, right?

Have fun; be productive!

Karen 5.0 said...

I'm a big fan of getting off the grid now and again. Enjoy~

Christine said...

Grandpa outed you! We know where you are.