November 23, 2009

Hawaiki Nui Va'a

This month has been full of all things Tahiti. Although I like to think my skills are better in the written form, the world demands video. To that end, from the three or four hours of HD video I shot of the great Hawaiki Nui Va'a outrigger canoe race, I cobbled together this two-minute clip. It's impossible to portray the adrenalin and exhaustion that is evident in this epic, three-day event, but this is my short and sweet version of exactly that. Expect future video as I continue to experiment.

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Michelle Altenberg said...

Hi Andrew! I'm a TCU student who's studying abroad in Italy next semester... I just wanted to let you know that I love reading about all your adventures, and that your blog has inspired me to keep a similar journal for my friends and family to read while I'm away. Anyway, thanks for the entertaining updates and hope you're having fun in Tahiti!!