September 29, 2010

Green Land

September has been a busy month, both for traveling and writing. I saw the dawn of September 1st from the window of a jet somewhere over the North Sea on my way to Copenhagen. I then spent a glorious week in Greenland, which is a country that has fascinated me ever since I could read a map. Finally getting to Greenland was a dream come true--and I also got goose-pimply over the fact that I have crossed both the Arctic and Antarctic circles this year.

Anyway, you can watch/read/listen to all my Greenland coverage over at Gadling, including the following video clips:

That's my attempt at speaking Greenlandic, which is a curious Inuit tongue. I have no idea if this is comprehensible, but I tried. Anyway, this is what traveling in Greenland is like:

I felt very fortunate to visit the village of Tasiusaq, a miniature dot of a settlement on the very southern tip of Greenland. During the hour I was there, the school kids came outside for recess, where they were playing baseball, so I thought:

I also ate whale (!):

And went swimming outdoors:

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Camels & Chocolate said...

Aww I love this! I've been hoping you'd blog more and have been eager to read about your Greenland adventures!