February 13, 2008

Not Just a Door

In response to one of the questions from the audience of "The Insider's Paris" I'm posting a pic of this door in Montmartre. The address is N 1, Place du Calvaire in the 18th arrondissement (just off the very touristy Place du Tertre). This was the final home of the artist Maurice Neumont (1868-1930), a friend of the renowned art nouveau designer Hector Guimard. I remember standing at this spot a few months back and being surrounded by dazed tourists staring at the Sacre Coeur. When I began taking pictures of this door, they all crowded me and followed suit. The mob photography instinct is a common albeit annoying phenomenon among travelers. I love this door--the peephole is covered with an iron grille spider web and the carving is classic Guimard. As for Maurice Neumont, his artistic fame lies in a single, propagandistic piece from the First World War, entitled On Ne Passe Pas!

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