February 8, 2010

Bus 2 Antarctica

For those who don't know, for the last 5 weeks I've been riding buses all the way from my hometown of Washington, DC to the southernmost point I can get to: Antarctica. As of today, I've made it to the southern part of Patagonia and am waiting for my final bus to Ushuaia where I will board the National Geographic Explorer en route to Antarctica.

These two journeys--the 10,000 mile overland jaunt from National Geographic headquarters all the way down to the bottommost point of the America as well as the voyage to Antarctica--both represent dreams come true for me as a traveler. I am still overwhelmed and grateful for the opportunity that I have to do this.

I have not been updating this blog as much during that time as I have been blogging directly for National Geographic Traveler's main blog, Intelligent Travel.

Please follow along on my travels:
Thanks & see you all in Antarctica!


Heidi said...

congratulations on spotting the all black penguin! you must be a very lucky person! :) thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world!

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................