March 21, 2010


Home again, home again. I made it.

I'm back from Antarctica and my epic bus journey and the forever road of the Americas: North, Central, and South. It feels great to be home, especially since it's spring now, and it was fall way down there, and somehow I managed to skip all of the snow heavy winter. It took me a day to remember where I was, four days to unpack, and about two weeks to get back to my website. Yeah, that's how slow I am. So now I'm back at my desk and writing away.

It was a grand adventure friends, this throwing myself across the globe and finding penguins at the other end of it all. Everyone keeps asking where I'm headed to next and honestly, I don't know. There are so many options, but for the time being, I'm quite content to sit tight and be in one place for one time.

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