March 7, 2008


Music and travel go hand in hand. Musicians travel to live and music travels on its very own. In that same vein, Icelandic wonderband Sigur Rós has recently released their musical documentary Heima. This film means a lot to me because it was shot during the same wonderful summer that I spent touring the whole of Iceland. The band goes to all the same forlorn places in which I wandered and their music is the perfect soundtrack for all the landscapes I experienced. I finally caught up with them in Ásbyrgi, where I sat mesmerized on the grass during the entire transcendent show and then got to meet Jón Birgirsson in person. I recommend the film to anyone who wants to travel to Iceland because despite all the movies and tv shows made about the country none captures the whole of the country like this one. It's exactly what Iceland feels like. You can watch the film in its entirety online or buy the DVD at the band's website. Cheers to Dean Deblois who made the film; and Takk to Sigur Rós for making me homesick for Iceland.

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