February 9, 2009

The Breakfast Club

I'm back from the breathtaking vistas of southern Chile and facing the cold realities of February. Sometimes travel happens so quickly and intensely that one can only reflect on the full experience after the fact. For years I've been desperately trying to trademark the phrase, "it's not where you travel, but who you travel with that matters." (My retirement plan is to sell little cross-stitched pillowcases and appliqued t-shirts with the phrase). For now though, I am left holding a week's worth of rich and bizarre memories--the wilted party favors of an incredible journey with five random travel writers. Allow me to introduce our motley bunch: Charles, Jimmy, Chantal, Shira, and myself. The Breakfast Club's cardboard VHS cover tagline said it best: "They Only Met Once, but it Changed Their Lives Forever." I will surely miss the antics of my fellow voyagers. Also, I am slowly dealing with the realization that I might just be the Anthony Michael Hall of travel writing.


Camels & Chocolate said...

So which one is Chantal? =)

Also, you could do a lot worse than AMH! And funny enough, Scott and I watched Edward Scissorhands this weekend, and I completely forgot AMH played the jerk in that! See, he did eventually make it as the cool, jack ass-y jock!

AE said...

Ah, you give me hope! And I'm pretty sure that Chantal is the girl who would sit with me at lunch.