February 12, 2009

My Life on the D-List

  • Gum-chewing, pissed-off woman with big hair speaking Brooklyneese: "Uh, isn't Rick Steves s'posed to be here?"
  • Me: "I dunno, I'm sorry. Maybe you could go check . . ."
  • Bothered woman: "I don't wanna go somewhere and ask--just tell me!" [shouting at me, the disobedient autistic child] "Is Rick Steves gonna be here or what??"
  • Me: "I think he might be coming later in the day, but I don't know for sure."
  • Woman: "Well I wish you'd just tell me 'cuz I don't want to go buy one of his books if he ain't comin'." She storms off in a huff.
And THAT, dear readers, was the extent of human interaction during my one hour book-signing at the New York Times Travel Show. Ah, New York! If it wasn't for your pizza, pastry, and publishing industry, would I ever go back? Yeah, OK, I probably would.

But Rick, did you not appreciate the warm and ready plastic seat that was awaiting for you to make greeting your adoring fans a bit more comfortable? Hey, don't mention it. Anytime, bro.


ummmmheyyyy.wordpress.com said...
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Camels & Chocolate said...

I would have MUCH rather had you sign my book than Rick Steves! Um, in case that counts for anything ;-)