February 7, 2009

Travels with Shira

So here it is, folks: my fifteen seconds of fame, over and done like the snap of a toe separator getting yanked from a size 6 foot. Let me introduce you to Shira Lazar (www.shiralazar.com) who the Fates brought into my life somewhere below the 54th parallel of the southern hemisphere. Shira's a TV personality extraordinaire who welcomed me into her sunshine ever so briefly. If I seem like an awkward speechless seventh grader next to the most popular girl in the school, it's because I was having an awkward seventh-grade moment. Yes, we are in Patagonia and that's a condor feather in my pocket.


Camels & Chocolate said...

Haha, awwwww, but you're still so cute! =)

And I clearly need to take TV tips from Shira!

AE said...

We all need TV tips from Shira.

Debra said...

She does look like a ton of fun to travel with...but you are still my coolest friend.